Bongzilla Beer Bong - 6 Way Beer Bong

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  • Includes:
  • 6 Way Funnel, 6 Tubes and Valves
  • Ajustable pole 6', Sturdy Base (fill w/Water)
  • 6 Funnel Plugs (if you have less than 6 People)
  • Holds 12 cans of Beer.

BONGZILLA The 6 tube Funnel Beer Bong that is mounted to a pole! This is the lastest technology in Multi-Tube Beer Bongs and is the newest Beer Bong in the Head Rush Beer bong Family. This product IS the life of the Party! The 6 Tube Funnel mounts on top of the free-standing, adjustable height pole! From 1 to 6 Drinkers can enjoy this product. Includes 6 funnel plugs. If there is less than 6 drinkers, plug the hole at the inside of the funnel and Party On! The BONGZILLA adjusts up to 6 feet high. It is a fixture at many parties to come!